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June 2016


Beautiful people, yay am back again o , so I have a very important issue story to gist you all o .
Earlier this month, my children Michelle (5years) and Collins (4years) respectively got back from school and said to me mummy our teacher told us today in school that we should not beg, take or give
anything to anyone, when they said that my mind went gidim, gidim, seriously?
I was a bit surprised o not because of how she said it, oh but I read another meaning into it. Read More »


Throughout last week was very bad for me healthwise, from cold to headache and then severe fever won’t just let me be great, na only me waka come? Lol
but I thank God am doing fine now but seriously it wasn’t easy, even staying without light for over two weeks compounded the whole issue for us, though we have been running on gen and I must tell you my people it’s not fun at all.So back to the matter. Read More »


While growing up I loved leaving the lights on while sleeping and each time I woke up then and the whole room is dark, there will be trouble, I will scream, jump and immediately exit my room for my parents room, this continued for a while until I got used to sleeping in a dark room.

Over time, this continued somewhere else, guess where? In the bathroom or toilet, and I’ve grown to live with it seriously.

I can never take a shower or use the convenience or toilet while the light is on , I can’t really say what the matter is but I’ve grown to be like that even if the bathroom is sparkling neat or not I just can’t deal.

When I got newly got married, after some months hubby noticed my behaviour and asked me, babe, why is it that you don’t normally switch on the light while bathing and I was shocked that within few months he has already noticed it, I just said nothing and he kept cool.

My sister delivered a baby and she is currently staying with my parents while they take care of her and her newborn baby(Omugwo), so while she was there, my dad called her one day and asked her that why is that Tessy your sister doesn’t like switching on the light while bathing and my sister was surprised my dad could remember to ask her that question, she has asked me same question once too but I said nothing because I myself, I don’t even know why either I just hate it.

So later that day, my sister called me to tell me what dad said and I was surprised that dad was actually taking note of all our movements while we were growing up and he actually remembered to ask because the last time I went visiting, I did the same thing and he noticed it Lol.

If you ask me to explain why I always do that I don’t know, when I come in and the light is on I will rather switch it off then go about my business, funny right? Lol but that’s who I am, I’ve tried to stop it but couldn’t , am I weird? am I the only one doing this?

Please, I will love to hear from you guys , what are the weirdest things you do and you keep asking yourself why? how come and you can’t even stop doing it.Lol

Wishing you all a fantastic day ahead.


A good father is one of the unsung,unpraised,unnoticed,and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society- Billy Graham

But today, I choose to notice and celebrate our fathers and my husband, they are valuable more than we can ever imagine.

Happy fathers day to my lovely daddy and my amazing husband, wishing you both the good things life can ever offer, I pray this day, that all your desires shall be met, also wishing all the amazing fathers out there an amazing celebration.God bless you all for us.


Hello lovelies, how are you all doing? hope you all enjoying your weekend? for me, mine has been fabulous..and I thank God for everything.

So today I will be listing my all time favorite female bloggers in the world not only in Nigeria but all over the world.

Blogging is becoming popular these days, it’s a way to publish your writing, share your ideas, connect with people and learn new things along the way.

Blogging is a profession one need to indulge with right , it is the in thing if ONLY you are PASSIONATE about it, if you are not a blogger my brother/sister you are sitting on a long thing Lol, but wait a minute, when I say the word blogger I don’t mean copy and paste bloggers and I didn’t say you should just wake up and start blogging just because someone is doing so and making money no please.

Blogging cannot be for everyone,you need to be passionate about it before venturing into it,if you started blogging without prior knowledge I will advise you to blog for some months at least before knowing exactly what your niche is all about but if you know your niche then you are good to go.

A BLOGGER is someone who brings out their energy, time and resources to make useful posts that people will benefit or learn from each time they search their questions on google or any other search engine, it’s a way to publish your writing, share your ideas, connect with people and learn new things along the way.

So without boring you, here are a few bloggers that I really admire. Bloggers that are making a living blogging and telling their story, my mind keeps going back each time am on the system, though I seldom comment on their blogs but am their huge fan, dropping it like it’s hot! Lol

Bella Naija – Uche Pedro is the owner and publisher at ,she’ss humble and quite, a very hard working lady always at the top of her game, her blog is so on point and she features a lot of interesting posts there, I just love her creativity and being able to stay strong for a while now.

Sisi Yemmie– Sisi Yemmie is the owner and publisher at she’s a beautiful mom of one adorable son Tito(smiles),she’s so down to earth, loves cooking and also loves sharing her everyday life with us, I must commend her because I’ve really learnt a lot from her, and oh yes her YouTube channel is always on point, I must also commend her for being real and down to earth, Sisi you are loved muah..
Heleneinbetween– Helene Sula is the brain behind, she’s an amazing woman, very passionate about what she does, she encourages me to do more, I love her creativity and her intelligence, I’ve learnt a lot from her blog lately and I will keep going there for more knowledge, you can never know it all you know? winks
CassieDaves – Cassie Ikegbuna is the brain behind, she’s so real, lovely and nice she been an inspiration to a lot of bloggers like me, she’s so keeping it real and running her race without disturbing anyone, her blog breathes fresh air, when you are there you wouldn’t want to leave Lol..I must commend her for being creative and stylish too kudos girl.
Codeitpretty– Marie Mosley is the brain behind, this awesome blog is my one stop blog where I learn all the coding skills for my blog, she’s good at what she does, though she’s been off her blog lately but the posts there valuable. I must commend her for pouring out such knowledge for free.

So here are my favorite all time female bloggers, hope you enjoyed it and please kindly drop your comments if you did enjoy it.

So who are your favorite bloggers?

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How should a man talk to his wife in public?

Hello fam! happy Sunday y’all.. hope you guys are enjoying the weather hmm as for me am loving it..
So I have a very interesting gist for you guys today, just get your drink and popcorn beside you..Lol
Last week Thursday, I went to the bank{name of bank withheld} just opposite my house to pick up my atm card and also do some transactions when this couple came in..hehe

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Happy new month fabulous people

This is just to wish you all a happy new month and a very productive one at that. What ever you lay your hands on this day will prosper and you shall find peace, favour and love in all your endeavours.
Wishing you all a productive week ahead.xoxo