Welcome to my blog where I share my little knowledge about different topics concerning motherhood, life, business, health, and much more.

I’m a lifestyle/mommy blogger, a wife and a mom of 3 wonderful kids and a seasoned entrepreneur.



My passion is to help young people and women most especially to identify and live up to their full potentials by being productive, intentional, independent and shamelessly do all it takes to achieve greatness. Also, I’m passionate about parenting, therefore, a speaker too.

Hence, I’m a Life Coach/ Business coach/Mindset shift/ And all you need to enhance your potentials, profits, productivity and fulfilments.

I help you achieve your goals in business if you need help figuring out your line of business and also help you get started with Facebook ads and huge social media visibility to make huge sales?

You want to learn how to blog and make a living? Then contact me!

I’m also the owner of one of the best baby shops in Nigeria at the moment, Kharkharkiddies your one stop baby shop.


It takes someone who has taken a path to guide another.

I have gone through many paths as a multi-talented lady.

I have learnt from experiences, coaches and mentors. Innate and acquired skills, abilities and gifts I’ve got make me savvy and exceptional.

I help individuals to have self-realization and discovery. I guide you to determine what suits you and your success story to be unique and actualized.

Above all, you become fulfilled and live a sweet life.

Content creation

Many ideas are birthed every day, many go down the drain sucked into the mind of the bearer and few dished out unbaked which ends up not making headway.If you got an idea, something to say to your audience, clients and world at large but don’t know where to start, then let me help you to create the content.

Probably, you can do the writing but have no knowledge of how to create a compelling content which could bring traffic, rank high in SEO or sale, search no more. That’s why I’m here to help you

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Amazingly, you can learn online with me and get the same value as a face-to-face learning.




Thank you.