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Getting The Most Out Of Online Dating

The Information and Technology Revolution has geared the net savvy individuals to tap into internet resources that offers much promise in the ability to connect instantly with strangers and the amount of information you can access at a click of a mouse is amazing. Activities of every kind are now available online and this includes the popular indulgence of online dating. Read More »

4 Ways to Land The Man of Your Dreams

If you are single and have been for some time, it may feel as if you are never going to meet your soulmate. It can be hard to hold out hope and not become so desperate that others can sense it the moment they meet you. Being alone is hard and over time it can feel as if you are going to be alone forever.  Read More »

7 Great Facts On How to Improve Your Relationship

Is there magic to what makes some relationships last longer than others? Maybe some people just sit back and sulk, while others seem to let life go by right over their heads and problems? It sure seems so. Or maybe it’s just that some people learn secrets of success from their grandparents or other relatives or friends. Read More »

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Are you in love with the dream of the perfect wedding yet overwhelmed with all the details and responsibility put upon you to plan your dream day yourself? A reliable wedding planner can help make the day you’ll always remember a wonderful experience instead of a memory worthy of a nervous breakdown. Read More »

Some Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is one of the most special days of the year for many couples. Although there are many who will argue that Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday created for the purpose of making people buy cards, flowers and candy. However, there are others who do not care how Valentine’s Day started and are just happy for a day where they have the opportunity to plan a romantic day with someone they love. Read More »

How to Plan a Valentine’s Day Vacation

Planning a vacation as a Valentine’s Day gift is an excellent gift idea for couples who have been dating for a while and are looking for a really fun and unique gift. Whether you plan a weeklong vacation in an exotic location or a weekend getaway near your home, you and your date can have a great time as long as you do a little advanced planning to make sure the whole trip runs smoothly. This article will provide information for those who want to plan a Valentine’s Day vacation but are just not sure exactly how to go about planning this type of trip. Read More »

Tips on How to Find the Best Wedding Ring for the Groom

As we talk about wedding bands, a lot of people usually focus on finding the perfect ring for the bride. Although that’s completely normal, it would be better if the bride would also try to find the perfect wedding ring for her groom.
Gone are the days when only the bride gets a wedding ring. In most modern wedding ceremonies today, the exchange of rings happens. That means it’s equally important to find the right ring that your future husband would never take off.
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To a jaded woman – or even a very mature one – the notion of purchasing one of Kylie Jenner’s much-reviewed, much sought-after, much-desired “lip kits” seems absurd.

The youngest Jenner’s foray into make-up, at only 18-years-old, doesn’t give her any particular insight or scientific resonance to make whatever “she’s” putting in that precious, sells-for-$250-on-Ebay lip set so enticing.

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Image by Dave Allen via Flickr

Ask nearly any little girl to teenager, and she’s very likely to have an idealized fantasy of what her wedding will be like. Sure, she may tell you about the dress, how many layers, how much embellishment; she also will tell you about whether she’s planning on wearing a tiara (or simply, “a crown”) in addition to or a beautiful veil.
She may even tell you if her veil will be shoulder length, chapel or cathedral length. Depending on who is in her favour, she’ll also be able to give you a list of her bridal party, who’ll be maid of honour and bridesmaids and flower girls. Of course, she’ll also be able to tell you about the themed colour or colours. Read More »