The 5 Most Popular Homecoming Dress Styles in 2017

In this time and age, a single click can let you connect to distant loved ones and friends. Just by browsing Facebook or other social media sites, you can be updated about what is going on with their lives. But nothing beats real interactions. This is the reason why many people are looking forward to get-togethers such as homecoming. This once-a-year event is the time to bond with former classmates.

As a semi-formal event, it is required that everybody follow a dress code. Sometimes there is a theme like going retro or ‘80s but in most cases, attendees have the freedom to wear the kind of dress they want. If you are about to take part in a homecoming dance, here are dress styles that are on trend these days:

  1. Short dresses in abstract floral prints– if you want something feminine but not too girly, an abstract floral print is the way to go. Floral canvas artwork is a trend on the runway this spring and summer 2017. Brocade floral prints are also a good option. They are trendy and eye-popping. If you are fond of wearing printed dresses, you can never go wrong with florals.


  1. A-line dresses with a large open back– what’s nice about A-line dresses is that they look good on almost every body type, except for ladies with a tall and thin frame. You can don something alluring without being too revealing by wearing an open-back outfit. Be comfortable wearing your open-back dress by choosing the right kind of bra.  


  1. Lace dresses beaded with jewels and pearls– nothing beats this classic style of dress and it will stay on trend because it is easy to pull off. The good thing about it is that there is no need to accessorise because you got the details on your dress. However, choose a beaded dress that does not have too many details so you will not go over the top.


  1. A two-piece ensemble– the casual crop top and skirt can look elegant through details. Choose for a two-piece ensemble that has exquisite details, like floral lace and nude linings. For women who are not fans of very short dresses, pair that crop top with a pencil skirt that has a sheer overlay. You can also mix and match, like wearing a printed or sequined top with a plain A-line skirt.


  1. Mikado short dresses– add warmth to a short outfit by wearing a mikado. This fabric is known for its heavier weight but it is an ideal choice for structured clothing. Because homecoming usually happens at night, you might need to wear something stiffer but that has a subtle texture.


Shopping for the perfect dress can be time-consuming. Do yourself a favour and buy dresses online. Just be meticulous in looking for online sellers. If you want to buy from a reputable seller, browse Terani Couture. Their stylish selection of prom and homecoming gowns can match the quality of those high-end luxurious dresses at a more budget-friendly price tag.

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