Stay Safe and Dry: The Importance of Cleaning Your Drainage System at Home

Drains are a part of the plumbing that few people think about until there’s a problem. Unfortunately, by the time a drain is backing up or refusing to empty, you’re looking at significant repairs.

The good news is that you can help prevent these problems by taking care of your drainage system regularly. Like any other part of your home, drains need regular maintenance.

One of the reasons this is so important is that clogged and slow drains can be a significant health hazard. It can also lead to backups that cause water damage in your home.

Here’s why it’s so important to maintain your drains!

Slow Drains Can Impact Your Waste Piping

If you have slow drains or even plugged drains, you may have problems in your sewage system. Unfortunately, these leaks are hidden and can be very difficult to detect unless a nasty sewage leak occurs.

Sewage leaks can lead to gas backup in your home, the spread of bacteria in your home and yard, and many other dangerous hazards. To keep your family and pets safe, you want to avoid this unhealthy and toxic problem. Have your drains cleaned each year!

Clogged Pipes Lead to Leaks

You may think a slow drain just means there’s a clog and it’s no big deal. Unfortunately it is a big deal – those clogs cause an increase in water pressure within your pipes. Sometimes this water pressure eventually clears the problem, but other times it doesn’t.

With increased pressure in your plumbing system, your pipes can develop cracks or even burst. A burst pipe will cause immediate flooding and significant damage to your home that will take a lot of time and money to repair.

A leaking pipe, however, can cause even more damage because it goes unnoticed for so long. You can have mold, mildew, bacteria, and a lot of other dangerous problems in your home that happen due to leaks. Water can also weaken walls and ceilings, leading to rot and giving access to all kinds of pests.

Commercial Cleaners Can Cause More Damage

You might be thinking, “Oh, I always take care of my drains. If there’s a problem, I buy a cleaner at the store and pour it down the drain. Problem solved!”

What you might not realize is that those commercial cleaners work by corroding the clog to free up the system. Of course, this also corrodes your pipes. A cleaner may sit at a clog for hours or days, eating away at the problem and at the rest of your plumbing.

As a result, using these cleaners can cause additional cracks, leaks, and problems that will be costly to fix. It’s better to contact a company that provides cleaning and drain replacement in Toronto to help you.

Avoid Odors and Health Problems With Proper Cleaning

If your drains haven’t been cleaned in quite some time, your first clue that something’s wrong might be a nasty smell. That means that sitting water or a clog has started to breed bacteria, and you need to take action right away.

Your drainage system is designed to keep odors away from your home through the use of drains and traps. A foul odor means something has gone wrong, and you should have a professional come check out your drains right away.

This bacteria isn’t just about smell – it can cause illness as well, especially if the drain eventually backs up into your home.

Save Money With Proper Drain Cleaning

You might see getting an annual cleaning as a frustrating expense, but trust us, it will save you significant money in the long run. When you have your drains cleaned, a technician will also inspect your sewer lines for any damage.

Even if you haven’t had clogs, old pipes can leak, rust, or even be compromised by tree roots in your yard. It’s important to catch these issues early to minimize cost and damage, but because these pipes are buried it’s impossible to see the problem without a professional’s help.

Having a repair is a bit expensive, but it’s far better than having to completely replace your sewage pipes or clean up a significant spill.

Keep Your Home and Yard Safe

Proper annual drain cleaning is a vital part of keeping your home and yard healthy and safe. When you have blocked drains and backups, you can end up with soil erosion, mold growth, puddles, and bacteria. No one wants that for their family!

Instead, work with a qualified, experienced Toronto plumber to get your drains and pipes checked every year. It’s a great way to keep things flowing smoothly and out of your house – instead of backing up inside your home.

With proper drainage, you, your family, and your guests will never have to worry about overflow, odors, or worse.

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