Whether one travels for pleasure for business purposes, they surely will stay in the hotels, motels, and other accommodation providing buildings. Guests expect a unique attention to their persona and a high-quality service. For this, there is a special personnel divided by the categories of tasks each performs. All together, they create a positive or negative image of this or that hotel. The higher the qualification of employees is, the highly its image is estimated and the more the hotel can charge for its services. Find out what hotel jobs are available nowadays and get the most suitable for you here: on Jiji.



There is probably no organization that can exist without managing staff. And hotels are not an exception. Here they do the work of checking the rooms to be clean and cozy, handling queries and complaints, tracking cash flows and setting the prices for the rooms rent. In accordance with more deep specialization, the hotel managers are divided into general managers, revenue managers, front-office managers and convention-service managers.



Clerks are the ones to stand on the fire line and welcome the guests. They greet the guests, assign the rooms, and carry out the check-in and check-outs. They also keep track of guests’ accounts, handle bookkeeping and collect guest payments. If there is any claim or request from the quests, they are the first people to hear it, analyze, and to pass to the manager or to other personnel members.

Baggage porters


Baggage porters or bellhops, in other words, provide services of taking guests’ luggage to the rooms. They can also help guests to arrange mailing, shipment or parcel services around the country and abroad directly from the hotel. If it is needed, they help their disabled guests get to and from their rooms.



The housekeeping cleaners or in other words the maids are responsible for keeping the rooms clean and cozy. They vacuum rooms, make beds, empty the trashcans, replenish, soaps, shampoos, and deliver irons and ironing boards. In a word, they make everything possible for their guests to feel comfortable and cared about.

Food Preparation Staff


If the hotel wants to provide its guests with an exceptional range of services, it must also have a café or a restaurant in its compound. For this, professional cookers and chefs are needed. If the hotel praises itself as a luxury one, there also must be the waiters serving at the hotel restaurant.

If after looking through all hotel jobs available, you find yourself suitable for one of its positions, don’t hesitate to visit Jiji and get a job right away!

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