In most developed countries, few women become anemic in pregnancy although tests may suggest that the woman is anemic but this is due to the total volume of blood which occurs in pregnancy so that it seems that the woman’s blood seems ‘anemic’.

Anaemia in pregnancy simply means iron deficiency because the baby in the womb is taking a lot of blood to be formed, according to research about 3 out of every ten pregnant women in Africa are anaemic.

Its true anaemia could cause problems in the body but only when severe, but doctors make sure they routinely measure the haemoglobin in the blood and also carry out other tests on the woman during her first antenatal visit.

In Lagos state University Teaching hospital (LUTH), where I had my lovely kids successfully, I never had any issue with low PCV, because I always make sure I take my drugs and then I eat a lot of food rich in iron not forgetting fruits and vegetables.

At every visit to the clinic, the doctors ensure that you do the anemic test popularly called the PCV test, urine testing and also checking of blood pressure, by that means they will be able to track your blood level percentage, eventually if its goes so low they will admit the patient if need be but if its high, the patient will be advised to reduce iron supplement and folic acid intake.

Doctors always recommend that you take the iron capsules at least three times a day then supplement it with one folic acid.The recommended blood percentage of a pregnant woman should be at least from 25% to 38% anything below that is rather not too good.

If the percentage of the woman’s blood is very low like I said earlier, there is the possibility she will be admitted and placed on routine iron supplements and food rich in iron for some days and see if there will be some improvements.

Symptoms of anaemia in pregnant women includes;

Dark circle around they eyes and

It’s a known fact that if you increase intake in iron-rich foods, it will help in preventing anaemia

Here are some of the examples of food I normally eat when am pregnant to prevent being anaemic.

Liver pepper soup.
Unripe plantains either boiled or roasted.
Fruits and vegetables.
Breadfruit (Ukwa in Ibo language)
Beans but little quantity due to heartburn
Titus fish
Ugu water(fluted pumpkin) washed and squeezed, then I drink it.
Red meat (optional)

These foods listed above are what I always eat when am pregnant to avoid low PVC, and they all work like magic, from the first day to the very last of delivery my PVC is always very high and the doctors and some pregnant women will keep asking me how I do it Lol.

This post is just to encourage my fellow women out there that will be passing through this worrisome stage, I know how difficult it can be having to think about the safety of your unborn child and you as a mother thinking of your low PCV, just follow these few steps and you will be bouncing.
Wishing all the wonderful women a healthy baby and of course a safe delivery.

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    Carina Vardie
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