Yippee!!! We Won Lovelies!

Helloooooo lovelies, guess what???

We WON!!!

Heres what they have to say:

The vote for our Best Mummy Blog Awards 2017 has now been completed. In total, 709 people voted to give you this award. Your blog received 37%. That means you won our award. Congratulations!!!

A whole 709 people voted??? Who am I?

How do I start thanking you all that made it possible? Wow! May God bless you all that took out time to vote for me, I appreciate you all and pray that God will bless and favour you all in all areas. I love you all

Below is the award with some monetary gifts attached to it winks!!!

This award is dedicated to God Almighty and also to you all for making it possible…  One love!

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