4 Tips To Being A Style Maven

Having your own sense of style is what makes you unique. You get to be more creative when it comes to your everyday look and people look up to your unique style. If you want to be a style maven then it’s more than just knowing what clothes and accessories to mix and match, you’ve got to have an eye for design, a passion for fashion, and the confidence to pull it off. Here are four tips to help you be a style maven.

Neutrals and basics. You can’t go wrong with neutrals and basic colours. Start with a pair of beige shoes. Whether you like pumps, heels, flats or boots, the choice is yours. Just own a pair and you can mix and match them with a variety of clothes and styles. And because you have to be in style wherever you go and whatever time of day, neutrals and basics are your best friends when on vacation. Neutral coloured clothes are interchangeable and can be worn during the day or at night. They are easy to mix and match and you can create a different look by just adding a few accessories.

Create your own style. Your unique fashion style is what will make people want to follow you. Trust your own fashion instinct because this is what sets you apart from others. Being consistent in your fashion style will help establish your brand of fashion. What’s even better is that you can be creative and express yourself and your personality through your clothing choices.

Have a confidence dress. Black tie events may be rare but you should always be ready with a dress that is ready to impress. Have a go-to dress that you can wear for special occasions. This is not just any dress but one that makes you look good, feel comfortable, and confident. Go for classic dresses because these never go out of style. And make sure that your confidence dress highlights your body’s assets and not your flaws.

Comfort in style. Style matters but so does comfort. Style mavens look into what is fashionable as well as comfortable to wear. You can check out latest fashion trends such as those from Nehera and Dilettante that have unique shapes and styles and that are made from high-quality fabrics. The clothes may be baggy or drapey but they don’t fail in flattering the feminine body. The baggy looks give an air of ease and comfort and this should definitely be part of what being a style maven is, fashion and comfort rolled into one.

Being a style maven is being true and staying true to your unique style. You don’t have to be high fashion or have the body type of a model from a magazine. What counts is that you can bring a whole new level of style to whatever you are wearing, whether for work, school, travel or simply for your daily errands. Consider these tips and bring out the style maven in you.

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    August 9, 2021 at 10:21 am

    Got to know a lot from this!
    Everything was so relatable.
    Thank you for sharing!

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