The Essential Accessories Every Bike Needs

When trying to find the right bicycle to fit your needs, you know that you need something more than just a pair of wheels and a seat. Avid cyclers will always get a set of essential accessories to both augment and improve their riding experience, and so should you. So, to help you get started, let’s look at the most crucial accessories you can get, whether you’re riding beach bikes or street models.

Group One: Personal Care Items

First and foremost, you want to make sure that you are taken care of while riding your new bicycle. Otherwise, what’s the point of having it at all? Whether it’s personal safety or comfort, these are the things you need to make each ride enjoyable:


  • Helmet: It just takes a second to fall off your bike, so don’t risk it
  • Padded Seat: If you want your butt to survive the trip, make sure your seat isn’t a death trap
  • Cup Holder: Stay hydrated out on the beach or the road
  • Biking Glasses: Don’t let the wind affect your vision


Group Two: Bike Performance

Things can happen out on the road, so you want to be prepared for anything. The best thing to do is upgrade your bike’s tires and frame beforehand, but these are some other essentials to have as well:


  • Patch Kit: In case a tube blows out
  • Mini Tool: You can make adjustments on the fly
  • Bike Lock: Keep thieves at bay
  • Pump: If your tires are running low, or if you have to replace the tube, then you need a pump
  • Front Light: If you ride in low light or at night, this is a must.


Group Three: Extras

While these may not be essential per se, they can still enhance the functionality of your women’s beach bike:


  • Cargo Rack: Bring your gear or a change of clothes
  • Front Basket: Go shopping while you’re out and about without having to carry a backpack
  • Bell: Let everyone know that you’re coming so that they can get out of the way


Overall, it’s much better to have these things than ride with a standard stock model. This way, you can integrate cycling into your life much more easily since your ride will be that much more practical.


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