How To Include Your Junior Bridesmaid In Your Wedding

A junior bridesmaid is a young girl who is special to you and who is too old to be considered a flower girl. She is between 8 & 12 years old, and she may be your sister, daughter, or niece. She is old enough to be excited about being in the wedding and wearing a bridesmaid dress. But she may be a little young to know what a great honor this is. It is important that you show her how she is honored by allowing her to help in the responsibilities of the wedding.

Role of The Junior Bridesmaid

The junior bridesmaid role can be designed any way the bride chooses. The most modern trend is for the junior bridesmaid to put on a performance before the ceremony in song or recital. She then walks from the stage and stands at the end of the bridesmaid row and the adults fill the row as they arrive from their walk down the aisle. Then there is the junior bridesmaid that puts on a dance performance at the reception. She assumes the same role as the bridesmaids during the wedding but at the reception, she begins the dance time with a modern dance. There are many available dance costumes here:  With the help of some cool lighting and the DJ, she can open the dance floor with a great number.

Colors and style

Brides are wearing Ivory for their autumn weddings. Here is where you will find the latest gowns online Bridesmaids are wearing deep purples, royal or navy blue and gunmetal gray.

The junior bridesmaid will wear a dress of the same color and cut as the bridesmaids with age-appropriate changes. For example, she will wear straps rather than a bare shoulder gown. The bridesmaid’s gowns may be floor length, but you may consider a tea length dress for her to make it easier to walk. Of course, she will wear pumps or flats, not high heels.

The two main styles for this season are the A-lined dress and the mermaid style. The mermaid style is almost always combined with the sweetheart neckline, while the trend for the A-line is cuff sleeves or one-shoulder dress. The colors of the season are taupe, champagne and navy.

Responsibilities for the Junior Bridesmaid

Here are some jobs that your junior bridesmaid can easily take care of:

  • Passing out programs
  • Assisting the ushers in seating grandparents and guests
  • Be in charge of the guestbook
  • Pass out bubbies, confetti or rice to shower the exiting couple
  • Help with cleaning up

Fun extras

After the wedding, give your junior bridesmaid a digital or instant camera and let her take pictures. A digital camera will take the most pictures without the expense of the special film for the instant camera. The camera and a photo album will make a great “thank you” gift and you might be surprised at some of the great pictures she takes.


Let the junior bridesmaids help serve cake. Of course, someone else should cut it and place it in the dishes.

Not, a good idea

Here are some things that you will not ask a junior bridesmaid to do.

  • Baby-sit for guests
    • If someone has brought their child and the junior bridesmaid wants to play with him, that is fine. But do not ask her to be responsible for a young child in a venue full of people.
  • Be the maid
    • Sure, she can help tidy up but it should not be her job. Do not make her feel that she is responsible for cleaning what is sure to be a huge mess up on her own.


It is important to recognize your junior bridesmaid and to thank her for her hard work. If this girl is going to be part of your family, your wedding could help you create or at least begin a bond with her. Make it an experience neither of you will never forget.


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