3 Pieces of Furniture Every Woman Should Own

Going furniture shopping is probably one of the most underrated women-only activities that we take for granted. Because honestly, you never get to enjoy it until you have your own home to experiment with. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choices out there, which is why I recommend reading design blogs first before heading out to the mall. It’s fun to consult designers and online guides like Wedgwood Interiors design blog. They’ll give you fresh ideas on what’s hot and not this season, and guide you through the different types of furniture out there.

This article will help you find 3 pieces of furniture that every woman should own. There’s really no gender when it comes to furniture, everything can be shared by anyone. But there are what we call must-haves in every girl’s home, items that you should consider getting to fully enjoy your home. Here we go!

  1. A lingerie dresser

A what? Okay, you don’t really have to go out there and tell the sales lady you’re looking for a lingerie dresser. That would be embarrassing. Basically, any dresser will do. If you use it to store specifically lingerie items, then it’s called a lingerie dresser. So word of caution, just gets a dresser, any dresser.

Lucky you because a dresser is a home staple and you’ll never run out of choices. Depends on your needs and preferences, you can get tall ones, vintage ones, mirrored, wooden, and much more. Know that as with everything in your house, pick a dresser that will go along with the rest of your furniture. You wouldn’t want your lingerie dresser looking like the odd one out for fear of inviting attention.

Dressers come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re mostly rectangular. Some are tall and narrow, and some are wide. Some are full of colours, and yet some are very simple. You can get a decent one for $100 to $200 depending on the type. If you’re looking for the budget types, Ikea has some pretty neat looking chests for just $80.

  1. A vanity table

Oh yes. A must-have in every girl’s room indeed. With our growing beauty routines, we can never spend enough time standing in front of a mirror. We need to sit down and finish all 10 steps in the latest Korean skin care regimen.

A vanity table is where put out all your beauty items for easier prep. And just like any furniture, it comes in all shapes and sizes. There are different styles you can choose from to match your decor. Some vanities have warm lights integrated into the mirrors which works to provide a flattering touch to your reflection. Some have 3 sets of mirrors, with 2 angled on both sides to provide you with a profile of your left and right sides. If you want to get comfy, choose an armchair instead of cushioned stools.

  1. An inviting living room set

Definitely, a must have not just for women but for the general household. Your living area, from the word itself, must be alive. It’s where the family gathers to relax and be entertained. Choosing the right living room set for your home is crucial in defining the overall look and feel of the house. It’s one of the first areas you’ll notice when you step inside. If you’re looking into setting up your own living room set, start with the basics. For some who can afford it as a one-off purchase, good for them! But if you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot to splurge on this area all at once, you can begin by buying key pieces first. A sofa, an armchair, a side table, and a coffee table pretty much cover the basics. You can add more pieces as you go along, such as a rug, plants, ottomans, and more tables.

Before heading out to buy your living area pieces, make sure you’ve made the necessary planning first. Measure the area and determine how much space you can allow for the sofa and other things. Think about how the room is going to be used and visualize how you want it to look like. Make sure you’ve taken into the account your home’s original architecture to ensure whatever you’re adding will fit right in place.

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