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Wholesaleairtrack is the world’s largest suppliers of inflatable air track and has several years of experience in producing airtracks. Today there are several operators offering the same products that have poor quality and sooner or later, they begin to gradually break down with time.

An air track is a scientific device used to study motion in low friction environment. Its name comes from its structure: air is pumped through a hollow track with fine holes all along the track that allows specially fitted air track cars to glide relatively friction-free.

The air track is also used to study collisions, both elastic and inelastic. Since there is very little energy lost through friction it is easy to demonstrate how momentum is conserved before and after a collision. The track can be used to calculate the force of gravity when placed at an angle.

Through more years in the business and hundreds of tests, they have been able to create an airtrack that lasts long and is safe for use. Wholesaleairtrack also works closely with customers that want to order to their air tumble track.

Tumbling, also known as power tumbling, is an acrobatic sporting discipline which combines skills of artistic gymnastics with those of trampolining. It is sometimes practised on a 25-meter-long spring track. Tumbling, which originated for entertainment purposes, is now codified, regulated, judged, and performed using the standardized special acrobatic equipment known as tumble track.

Tumbling has been an Olympic event only once, at the 1932 Summer Olympics, and was a demonstration event in 1996 and 2000. However, it is one of the events of the World Games and is an annual World Championships held in conjunction with the Trampoline World Championships.

Competitors, both male and female, perform eight skills, along with the track, passes usually begins with a Round-off, Barani or Rudi (the Barani and Rudi are forward, twisting somersaults) which is followed by a series of back-handsprings and/or whips (a fast, long back somersault done in a straight body position) ending in a ‘dismount’ skill. In competition, only feet and hands are allowed to make contact with the track.

They have customers from all over the world who have ordered the airtrack from experienced business to new entrants and started their inflatable air track company. The good thing is that they are always ready to help the clients with tips that can help them when starting up.

In order to maintain the long-term business relationship with their customers, they have committed to living up to their highest expectation about their services and products and promise to provide the most satisfactory products.

For more information, please feel free to contact Wholesaleairtrack.

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    August 8, 2018 at 11:07 am

    Thank you very much for administering the best Air Track. A list of the most advanced Air Tracks I’ve seen, but you did not add any value. Please mention the price of this air track. I could not understand properly, How to use? I hope you will give me a guide for using tips about Air Track. Thanks again.

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