Top Reasons For Attending The Homecoming Dance

The First Event of the School Year

The Homecoming Dance is normally the first big formal event of the year and generally follows a week of fun and antics, with students dressing up and competing in themed contests for points, with the winning team normally getting some sort of prize.

A football game is traditional and is normally very well attended, with people dressed up in costumes, generally having a good time and bonding with their fellow students. The Homecoming Dance is a good time to catch up with your friends, especially the ones you have not seen over the holidays. It is really a classic social event.

Informal and Casual

Homecoming is a much less formal affair than the Winter Formal or the School Prom, where you probably feel you need to have a date, and without one, you may decide not to attend. At the Homecoming dance, turning up single is quite acceptable, as most of the other students are doing exactly that themselves. It is a chance to just go and let your hair down and have some fun. Some decide to go casual, while some will decide to dress up a little. It matters not if you choose something retro or go with the classic red Homecoming dress 2018 style, it is all about having a positive attitude for the year about to come.

Showing Pride and Creating Memories

When everyone is running around in school colours, students, faculty and alumni all feel a sense of school pride. Everyone is feeling they are a part of something special. It is a great time for creating memories with your fellow students and college staff. What happens in this week will not be easily forgotten and provides people with
reasons to come back year after year. Many people only ever see some of their old school friends and teachers once a year, and this is when it happens. The Dance is always memorable for everyone who attends.

Having Fun and Supporting Worthy Causes

The primary function during Homecoming week is to have fun, enjoy yourself and have a blast at the dance. There are other things going on that are good to get involved in, that shows a school’s connection with the local community and give people the opportunity to feel they are giving back to that community through recognition of and assistance to a local charity, something like Cancer Research, or maybe just something of concern to the local area.

Networking and Socialising

Many people do not realise the benefits to be gained from simple social networking, though it is suggested that more than half of jobs are found through simply talking to the people we know and meet. Maybe you are looking for a part-time job, or thinking towards an internship or full-time position when you finish college. A wide array of people will be found at the Homecoming Dance, making it a great place, not only to have fun and really enjoy yourself but also a wonderful opportunity for you to get yourself noticed by people who can help your career path. You can take a single reason for attending, or recognise the many benefits of participating. One thing is for sure, if you do not go, you are likely to regret the missed opportunity for the rest of your life.

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