8 Essential Tips You Need to Remember When Buying Jewelry Online

Buying jewelry online can feel like a risky endeavor. Not only do you have to worry about the fit of the item, but you also need to keep in mind the quality and design of the jewelry item. You want to make sure it gets to you in one piece and that it is 100% authentic.  Jewelry is often marked by its shine and presentation, which can be very hard to judge using only online images. So, how do you know you are getting what you pay for when buying jewelry online? And how do you make sure you are getting a good deal?


Follow Your Budget

It can be really important to know your budget before browsing for jewelry. By knowing what you can comfortably spend, you can sort your images by cost on many sites and avoid looking at items you may love but could never buy.


In addition, if you know how much you can spend before shopping, you won’t fall in love with a piece of jewelry only to then realize it doesn’t fit in with what you are able to spend.

There are some great deals to be had by shopping online, including at Adina’s, but you should make sure you are not tempting yourself by looking at items you can’t actually afford to purchase.


Be Informed

Being informed doesn’t just mean understanding the key features of the item you’re purchasing, though that is important. You should know the number of carats, for example, that you want when purchasing a diamond ring. You should also understand the other 3 C’s of purchasing a diamond: Cut, Color & Clarity.


However, in addition to knowing the most you can about the actual item, gem or material you want to purchase, you should also be informed about the jewelry or online retailer you plan on using for your purchase. Read their reviews. Make sure that other shoppers were happy with both their experience and their item. Was the quality what they expected? Did the product arrive on time and in good condition? Were they able to access customer service if they needed? Could they return the item due to being unhappy?


All of these issues and more are important to know before purchasing. You do not want to waste your budget on an item that is not what you expected or on an experience that was less than enjoyable.


Double and Triple Check All Images

Check every single image of the item multiple times. Look at every angle and compare it to the features listed. And if you are a serious buyer and want to purchase the item, ask for other images. Have them take a photo outside of the perfect lighting so you can see how the jewelry piece will look in every day conditions.


Learn about the Online Retailer

This has a lot to do with gaining knowledge about where you are purchasing your items. Call them yourself and see if they have customer service that seems helpful. Read every review you can find on them, both on their page and elsewhere. Google them and see if any poor reviews pop up. If so, inspect what was negative about the experience. Is the negative aspect of purchasing important to you?


Know the Return Policy

Find out from the online retailer themselves about their return policy. Can you return the item for any reason? If not, can you easily return it should it be damaged when it gets to you?


Again, it’s helpful to read any reviews from someone who has had to return to that retailer in the past. If someone else has done so, you can judge the ease of that transaction by seeing what their experience was like.


Ask for Authentication

If you are making a particularly valuable purchase, say buying an engagement ring or some other jewelry item that has valuable gems or diamonds in it, you’ll want them authenticated. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a ring that is not authentic.


You want to also make sure you know the market value of your product. The authentication and valuation should mirror what you’d expect if you’ve done your research.


Make Price Comparisons

You obviously want to find the very best deal possible. That said, you should be mindful of any products that seem to be exactly the same as what is offered elsewhere but is significantly less money. This should make you suspicious. Why would one retailer be able to offer such a steep discount?


Stick to your jewelry budget, but also make sure that you aren’t trying to make it stretch too far but taking a questionable deal. If you spend your entire budget on a bogus deal, you won’t be left with anything to make a genuine purchase.


Make Sure Your Shipment is Insured

You want to make sure that your jewelry item makes it to you. And you want it to get to you in one piece. You don’t want to find out it was lost in the mail and was not insured. Choose a retailer that has 100% guaranteed delivery. Given the likely cost of your purchase, the retailer should offer guaranteed delivery or at the very least, offer you options for safe mailing.


This information should be available on the retailer’s website but if it isn’t, you want to make sure you ask about all protocols related to insurance and the shipping process. You don’t want to spend your full budget on an item you can’t even enjoy.


Wrap Up


By following these 8 tips, you should be able to comfortably and with good peace of mind, make an online jewelry purchase. Do your homework and know both your item and your retailer and you should be just fine. Brick and mortar stores are falling by the wayside every day, so it makes even more sense to hone your online buying prowess now. Someday soon you may be making all of your purchases online and these tips are easily transferable.

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