How To Avoid Getting a UTI After Your Period

It isn’t uncommon for women to get UTIs after their period. Tampons and pads can trap bacteria in and around the urethra, which can lead to the agonizing burning sensation typical of a urinary tract infection. Whether you experience this unpleasant occurrence once every year or once every month, here’s how to avoid UTIs going forward.


  1. Take Preventative Medicine


Did you know there’s UTI medicine that is not only designed to treat infections once they’ve started, but may also prevent them from occurring in the first place? Products formulated with D-Mannose, beet juice powder and other bacteria-controlling ingredients can boost your immune system and bind with the bacteria that cause infections. It’s a good idea to take UTI-prevention products during and after your period or any other activity that tends to cause an infection in your urinary tract.


  1. Practice Good Hygiene During Your Period


It’s very easy for bacteria to enter the urethra during your period because it’s located next to the vagina. You can decrease your chances of getting an infection if you shower frequently while on your period. You may also want to use an unscented wet wipe to clean the area around your vagina and rectum (moving from the front to the back). You should also make sure you change your tampons and/or pads frequently.


  1. Avoid Scented Hygiene Products


Many women think they need scented feminine hygiene products to help them feel fresh – especially during their period. However, if you’re wondering how to avoid UTIs, getting rid of these products is a good first step. Scented feminine products can irritate the urethra and may lead to infection. Products to avoid include scented powders, sprays, wipes and deodorants. Douches can also irritate the vaginal area and alter the natural pH to allow unwanted bacteria to thrive.


Frequent urinary tract infections are an unpleasant reality for many women. Fortunately, by following these three simple steps, you can prevent UTIs naturally, especially during and after your period.



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