Remake Celebrity Hairstyles easily with these clip in hair extensions

They say imitation is the best form of flattery and we think it is becoming the order of the day. Through glitz and glam, people have taken that opportunity to become that their favorite celebrity or icon but only in looks. Even if it is only for moment or a day or more, there is absolutely no problem with trying to look like someone you admire. Where the dilemma lies is ‘how do you achieve that look’.

Before we move forward, we’re talking solely about hair, hair and hair. Yes, we’ll be giving you the scoops on different hair extensions you can just clip in to achieve that your desired look.

  1. Golden Brown/Blonde(#F12-613) Deluxe Straight Clip In Human Hair Extensions: Remember that time when Selena Gomez made that bold hair move? No, we don’t mean the red and long hair but the short blonde. Short, wavy and chic. That did leave a lasting impression and it is not so hard to achieve. You see, the fullness of that hair was one of the reasons why it stood out and with just a few HairGets’ clip in hair extensions, you can boldly achieve this look.

The golden brown/Blonde(#F12-613) deluxe straight extension is short and can also be curled and cut to become wavy and layered just like Selena. It is made with 100% human hair so it can withstand the manipulations you choose to use it for. Notice how the color blends with that so Selena’s.

2.      Natural Black(#1B) Ultimate Body Wave Clip In Remy Hair Extensions: Kylie Kenner seems like the trend setter these days. With millions of imitation attempts on the internet, this cannot be denied. She seems to have a flair for changing her looks but if you choose to look like her in this picture, we got you covered.

This clip in weave has same waves and length as that of Kylie’s, so there is not much manipulation you need to achieve this look.


3.      Dark Brown(#2) Deluxe Silky Straight Clip In Human Hair Extensions: making a hair do by Priyanka Chopra is a delight. Who doesn’t want to look bold and beautiful at the same time. Same as a lot of celebrities, Priyanka has dazzled us with lots of hair dos but if you are planning on creating this look she had in her debut American series, Quantico, look no further.

With this weave, you can achieve this look with no stress. No need for dyes or heating or curling. The extension naturally falls into place and you can put in some little trims to suit your style.


4.      Triple Ombre(#Ombre) Premium Straight Clip In Hair Extensions: some things are fun but Rihanna at the 2013 Grammys is more fun. Were talking about long, bold, chic and not afraid to play with a mix of colors that blend well. We’re talking of Ombre.

Whether Alba or Riri, this extensions would look good in you anyways. Who wouldn’t want to stand out?
This look had a lot of people talking and it would be no surprise if you so choose to create a look just like this. The thing about this hairstyle is that Rihanna seems not to be the only one on this train. We also have Jessica Alba.

  1. Dark Brown(#2) Ultimate Kinky Curl Clip In Remy Hair Extensions: Get ready for some mic drop on this one because this is full, bold and unafraid to represent. When you want to represent with curls, you go all out or stay home and Zendaya sure knows how to represent.

This looks does need a lot of confidence to pull off but we’re sure that is the least of your worries. How do you pull it off?

Well, we don’t think this should be a question because how else can you pull it off without the ultimate kinky curl clip in.

More is more with curly hair.

  1. Strawberry Blonde(#27) Deluxe Kinky Curl Clip In Human Hair Extensions: With Blake Lively, it’s always gold with waves. The awesome thing about this hair goddess is that she never has the same look even with similar hairstyles. It’s like an impossible mission to create a perfect Blake Lively look but we’re more than happy to get you sorted out.

The strawberry blonde deluxe extension gets Blake’s hair color 100% and if you want to create this exact look, this product should be your choice.

It is exact in color, waves, quality and fullness. It screams Blake Lively. This shouldn’t be hard to pull off one of Blake’s signature looks.

  1. Natural Black(#1B) Deluxe Body Wave Clip In Human Hair Extensions: The good thing about this clip in is that it can be used to achieve any hairstyle but if you want Viola’s look, it can be arranged effortlessly.

See the similarities.

These listed clip ins should get you going. And you could choose any types of human hair extensions like virgin hair bundles and human hair wigs from to enhance your everyday hair look.

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