Professional Hair Removal: 10 Commonly Asked Questions About Hard Wax

 Waxing as a means of hair removal remains the preferred choice of countless individuals. For those who have yet to try waxing, the only thing holding them back is they have questions about the procedure. The following are some of the many questions a person may have and their answers.

When Should Hard Wax Be Used?

Clients often want to know when they should request hard wax during a professional body wax and when strips are more appropriate. Hard wax is less painful and less irritating to the skin. Speak to the technician to learn what they recommend. Many professionals choose to use hard wax on areas such as the underarms. Others also use hard wax on facial hair, although many technicians stick with strip wax on these areas. A person might find they wish to have hard wax used and the technician refuses. When this is the case, the client needs to find another location offering this option or wax at home.

Why Choose Waxing Over Shaving?

When a person removes hair with the help of wax, the entire hair shaft comes out, including the root. Shaving only removes the hair down to the surface of the skin. As the hairs grow back in, they are softer as a result of being waxed. Stubble becomes less of a concern, and the waxing process lasts longer than shaving. The more a person waxes, they find the hair grows thinner and finer. Many people find they appreciate this, as it means they don’t have to carry out the process as often.

How Long Will the Results Last?

People want to know how long the results will last, but there is no one answer to this. It depends on the person and their rate of hair growth. Furthermore, hair grows faster in some body areas. Another thing to take into account when determining when to schedule a wax session is the growth cycle of the hair. It’s best to wait until all hairs grow out before waxing. A failure to do so could lead to new hair growth in a matter of days. However, most people find the results last anywhere from three to seven weeks when they take these factors into consideration.

Is Waxing Painful?

The amount of pain a person experiences during the waxing process depends on their pain tolerance level. Most individuals state they experience only slight discomfort with the waxing process, although the skill of the technician plays a role in this. One benefit of waxing routinely is the pain level does decrease if the person does not shave between visits. Keep this in mind when the hair grows in and schedule another wax session rather than putting it off or wax at home, keeping in mind the hair must be a certain length before the wax will adhere.

Does Waxing Irritate the Skin?

Waxing irritates the skin, but the amount of irritation a person experiences will depend on their skin and hair type. Individuals with fine hair typically have some redness and tingling in the treated area for a few hours after waxing. Men and women with coarse hair, however, could find they have redness and raised bumps for up to 48 hours after they have the area waxed. In addition, when removing coarse hair from sensitive areas, some people find they have small blood spots from the hair follicle. Irritation is less of a problem when removing facial hair and more of an issue when the waxing session focuses on body hair.

Are Ingrown Hairs a Concern?

Ingrown hairs plague some individuals regardless of which hair removal method they use, and waxing is no exception. However, it appears waxing reduces the risk of this common problem. If you regularly experience ingrown hairs, exfoliate the area three times a week, as this helps to reduce the risk. In addition, topical salicylic acid solutions work to prevent ingrown hairs and treat those that are already present. Moisturize the area regularly as well to prevent and treat ingrown hairs.

What Can Be Done to Reduce the Pain?

Men and women may want to take a painkiller 30 to 45 minutes before the waxing process begins. This helps to reduce the pain or discomfort felt during the session. In addition, numbing creams used topically work similarly. Don’t consume any caffeine before waxing, as this makes the process more painful, and women should never schedule a wax session the week before or during her period. The skin is more sensitive during this period, so it is best to schedule wax sessions around the menstrual cycle.

Is It Safe to Wax?

Most people find they can benefit from waxing, but this isn’t the case with all. Certain prescription skincare products lead to increased irritation with waxing. Speak to the prescribing physician before scheduling a wax session to determine if this is a concern. A person must stop the use of certain medications to avoid this irritation. In addition, men and women using Accutane or isotretinoin cannot use waxing as a method of hair removal. They must not use this medication for six months before waxing, as these prescriptions make the skin more fragile and waxing could lead to significant tearing.

Waxing and Tanning

Is it safe to tan before or after a waxing session? This remains a question on the minds of many. When using any wax, avoid tanning for 48 hours before the session and 48 hours after waxing. Engaging in these two activities close together leads to peeling skin and irritation. Those who use spray tan or a sunless tanner find waxing removes the tan because it removes a thin layer of dead skin cells during the session. Take this into account and schedule tanning sessions after waxing.

Caring for the Skin

Men and women must take care when touching treated areas. Any bacteria on the hands makes its way into the hair follicles, which could lead to a breakout. Don’t use makeup for several hours following a wax session, and wear loose-fitting clothing after a body wax. Don’t go out in the sun, use fragranced lotion, engage in a heavy workout, or take a very hot bath after a waxing session.

Ask a technician or the wax supplier questions. They want people to have answers that make them feel comfortable with the process. For this reason, no question is dumb, so keep this in mind and ask away.


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