Kameymall, Your favourite Online Store for Both Buyers and Sellers!

Kameymall is a unique online store that deals on products both on Wholesales and retail, they deal on amazing products such as clothings, shoes, wigs, outdoor sports wears and much more.

Kameymall online trading platform for the international market was founded in 2021 and it’s customers and buyers have covered more than 220 countries and regions, covering 30 first-level industries including apparel, 3C, home furnishings, accessories, etc.

They are one of the trusted websites to shop from because they’ve been in this business for over 20 years while covering the whole European countries and the United States perfectly thereby making sure they give people quality and value for their money.

Their mission has been to perfectly service their customers around the world without issues and so far so good, they’ve been doing great in terms of customer relationship management, you can read more from the about-us section

Kaimei Mall (English name: Kameymall) is a cross-border e-commerce platform created by Chenjia Trading Co., Ltd. for the international market and is called the “international version of Taobao” by majority of sellers.

This website adopts a commission based system which only collects fees after the buyer and seller must have successfully completed their transactions without issues, which makes it a perfect place for sellers to comfortably sell their products without being overly charged for the store and there by making the whole process stress-free for both sellers and buyers.

Goods suitable for sale in Kameymall mainly include clothing and apparel, beauty and health, jewelry, watches, lamps, consumer electronics, computer networks, mobile communications, home furnishings, auto and motorcycle accessories, jewelry, handicrafts, sports and outdoor products etc, click here for for more of their rules.

Prohibited and Restricted Goods

Some products are not allowed to be sold in the store such as weight loss drugs and related supplies, medical related products, guns, munitions and explosives, controlled weapons, police supplies, spy products, medical equipment, beauty equipment and health care products, alcohol and tobacco products, therefore Kameymall sellers needs to fully understand this before opening a store and also know they types of products that are prohibited before going ahead.

Restricted commodities refer to the need for sellers to obtain pre-approval, voucher operation, or authorized operation permits for the sale of commodities before the release of commodities, otherwise the release is not allowed. If you have obtained the relevant legal license certificate, please provide it to the Kameymall platform first.

Also, on the Kameymall platform, it is strictly prohibited for users to publish and sell products involving third-party intellectual property rights without authorization, including but not limited to three categories:

1. Trademark infringement:

This is without the permission of the trademark owner, the use of a trademark that is the same or similar to the approved registered trademark on the same or similar goods approved by the trademark.

Copyright infringement:

This is the use of other people’s works or the exercise of the copyright owner’s exclusive rights without the consent of the copyright owner and no legal basis, as well as other acts that damage the legal rights of the copyright owner as stipulated by the law

3. Patent infringement:

This is without the permission of the patentee, for the purpose of production and operation, the illegal act of implementing a valid patent protected by law.

For more information, please visit the website FAQ

To purchase, use the process below;

1. Click Join member, register and sign in.
2. Get the coupon on the front page.
3. Search the goods you need.
4. Choose specification and quantity then click buy now.
5. Click Select to add new addresses, then choose shipping company and
payment method.
6. Click coupon to use it.
7. Click Pay Order.
8. Input bank payment, order information to pay.
Also you can close your order. If you have any questions, you can consult their 24 hours online customer service representatives.

And their logistics system is nice too, they make sure they deliver your goods on time, as new leaders in the industry, they are trying their best.

If you want to join them as a seller, check details below;

How to Join

You need to provide your company’s account number, corporate business license, legal personal ID, etc.. chat their customer representative if you need more help for this.

Here are what is expected of you as a seller or a buyer from their website;

Your Trust and Safety is paramount here.

~Automatic and manual verification of sellers identity and business history.

~Seller behavior is monitored 24/7.

~If the buyer does not abide by the commercial policy, the seller will compensate the buyer.

~ Dishonest seller accounts are immediately blacklisted and closed indefinitely

~Quality control system prevents fraud, illegal and counterfeit products from entering our platform

~Products are inspected by quality control professionals before shipment.

~Customer information is encrypted and protected from hackers.

So please feel free to contact them today to buy and sell on their website, it’s very easy just by clicking on the link and trust me, you’d be glad you did.

Happy shopping/ selling guys..

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