Average Amount Required For a UK Student Study Visa Route

If you are planning to relocate to the UK as a student, you might find this helpful. A lot of people usually think there is a general amount for moving to the UK as a student, no there isn’t.

So, I decided to make an estimate so you know what you’re working with for example as there is no one size fits all thing.

PS: Kindly note that some prices are Subject to change, so please do your due diligence in doing more research concerning this.

1. International passport- #60,000

2. Tuition Deposit- £1,000 – £5,000 (50% of Your tuition fees)

3. Tuberculosis Test-

Adult- #57,800

Children (11years and below) – #27,800.

4. IHS- £470/ year(check gov.uk for your Exact amount)

5. Visa Fee-

£348 (standard Visa)

£548 (Priority Visa even though its suspended)

6. Proof of Funds- Tuition fee Balance + living expenses for 9 months


£9207 (Primary applicant)+

£6120 ( For each Dependants)


£12006 (Primary applicant)+£7605(each Dependant)

7. Flight and Accommodation ranging from £2000 to £3500 depending on which you are going for.

(Depending on your airline of choice and City you’re moving to)

So please work around with these figures and also feel free to add more in the comments section ☺️ ?

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