My Wishlist for RIHOAS Online Shop

The Solid Square Neck Velvet Mini Dress

RIHOAS is an amazing online fashion store focused in the future, they understand that sustainable clothing fabrics one of the ways to improve their footprint and sustainability of the fashion industry worldwide.

However, they found that the cost and prices of sustainable clothing fabrics are very high, and there are a lot of restrictions on quality fabrics, so they found a niche to make women’s clothing affordable for everyone no matter your budget.

For a lot of women, Rihoas has been their to go online store for those looking out for affordable yet stylish and quality outfits for various occasions. Their clothing lines is one of the best in terms quality and durability.

So, I have so far chosen these outfits as my Wishlist and can’t wait to have them delivered to me anytime soon.. I’m super excited to show you all what my Wishlist looks like because I’ve been awake all night going through their website ?

I found out that I love almost all the outfits on their website, no jokes, it was so hard settling for these ones.

The Puff Sleeve Cutout Slit Maxi Dress

This puff sleeve cutout maxi dress is a beautiful one, the material looks like a lace, the colour is everything, very beautiful and good for all occasions. I can’t wait to rock this dress sincerely ☺️

Puff Sleeve Split Hem Midi Dress

This beautiful black split hem mid dress is the dream, every woman loves this kind of dress as it’s always comfortable and sexy too because of the visible slit, it’s part of my Wishlist and I can’t wait to rock it too.

According to Rihoas, they use 20% sustainable fabric in their clothing, this way, they can sell their products to women at an affordable price, because every woman deserves to feel elegant and confident in every outfit.

They have promised they will continue to look for high-quality and affordable sustainable fabrics, and continue to improve their supply chain, there by trying to reduce waste in the production process. Their goal is to have more than 90% of their products made from sustainable fabrics by 2030.

They have been in business for long and understand the way to produce only premium clothes with quality materials needed to sustain each cloth no matter how many times you wear or wash the fabrics.

They use linen, pure cotton, viscose and polyester as when needed.

Their linen is made from flax, and is one of the best fabrics out there and has been for ages. It is strong, breezy, and gentle to your skin and the planet. Linen uses basically no water, and emits ¼ of the carbon as cotton per pound of fiber. They usually use Linen for their summer tops and dresses.

The cotton fabric is made from the natural fibers of cotton plants which is primarily composed of cellulose. The cotton plant is soft and fluffy and results in a fabric often retains that soft feel, It is breathable because there are a lot of spaces in between the cotton fibers. They usually use Cotton for their T-shirts and dresses.

Viscose is not left out as it is a synthetic fiber, made from natural sources of regenerated cellulose, such as wood and related agricultural products. Thus, It has the same comfort properties as natural fibers. Viscose fabric is soft, smooth, cool, comfortable, and highly absorbent, making it an ideal for use in summer clothes. As an extra plus, it is biodegradable!

Polyester differentiate enormously with polyester, yes they do. For the poor-quality polyester, you‘ll be blown on the face a flow of stinky smell. We choose high-quality polyester in high density so you’ll never have to worry about it. The polyester fabrics are soft, lustrous, and dries fast. They also durable, with its good resistance to wrinkles, stains, and sunlight.

Feel free to head over to their website and make your choice, place your orders and wait for your orders as they deliver worldwide.

I will be updating you all once I get my clothes from this amazing store. Don’t forget to follow up, share and comment… Cheers!!

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