So last week , the internet went crazy about the speech Oonis of ife’s wife made in the USA while delivering a lecture concerning gender inequality and guess what, I totally agree with her.
We can never be equal with the male folks, the woman is the neck and the man is the head, I totally agree that we can do alot of things but we cant do everthing a man can do, we can only do our best, it doesnt make us less human at all.We have our own special role to play in as much as the men have their own roles to play.
I will take myself as an example, when my husband is not around I find it difficult to do somethings, there are few things he does when he’s around which I dont take serious but when he’s not around I always find it difficult to do them and when hes around I barely take note of how he does it, example switching on or fixing of the generating set being now that we barely have light Lol..but am learning it now because I dont have a choice.
Not that we are less humans but we are not equal.
Watch the complete video of the wife of Ooni concerning this topicbelow.
I hope you’ve learnt one or two thibgs from this post? Will love to hear from you ,kindly drop your comments.
Have a fantastic night rest!



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