Throughout last week was very bad for me healthwise, from cold to headache and then severe fever won’t just let me be great, na only me waka come? Lol
but I thank God am doing fine now but seriously it wasn’t easy, even staying without light for over two weeks compounded the whole issue for us, though we have been running on gen and I must tell you my people it’s not fun at all.So back to the matter.

Over the weekend, I came across a very good friend of mine, due the fact that everyone has been busy running around to make ends meet, we’ve been busy lately and we haven’t had the time to chat whatsoever, so when I bumped into her I was really shocked to see her pregnant.

I was like babe what happened ? to think that she was the one that forced me to do my family planning at first and I’m  really enjoying it at the moment hehe, I can’t shout o, three children in this tough economy is more than enough, going for the fourth one will be a very big rough play, for now, Lol..

If you read my previous article HERE about my funny encounter with my family planning method, you will know why yours truly is very scared.

So I asked her babe, what happened? did you remove it? because there was a time she told me she was actually waiting for her second child to grow up a bit before trying for the third and the very last one due to health as the doctors have advised them but I was wrong! a lot running through my mind and I was scared to my liver to even think that she encouraged me to go for mine.

She opened up and told me that the IUCD shifted and she never knew hence the pregnancy, she went to the hospital and they blamed her for not showing up regularly within the four years she had it inside not like she has removed it because its highly impossible to be removed now until she delivers her baby, oh my I was so shocked!

The next day yours truly left immediately for the hospital with full speed hehe, I got to the hospital, after all the tests, HIV inclusive and all the check up, I was declared fit and asked to go home immediately that I have no issue,and was asked to come for check up at least twice a year or whenever I feel I have any issue, omo I danced like David danced oh make I no lie you .

All the same am very happy for her and I wish her the very best as the journey continues, I will also share the good news here whenever she puts to bed.

Please if you are also doing any form of family planning methods, don’t forget to always go for regular check up to avoid stories that touch.

Health is indeed wealth. Have you checked yourself in the last six months? If your answer is NO, kindly do so and also don’t forget to check your HIV status.

Have a wonderful week ahead guys

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    Chinelo Okoli
    June 30, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    Well, congrats to your friend and congrats to you too. Lol. One of the shortfalls of IUCD tho, is this shifting. But i feel u on this economy, country hard and u cant just be 'borning pikin' anyhow. Lol. i just came across your blog and i like it. Hope to be here more often.
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    Tessy Onyia
    July 3, 2016 at 7:28 pm

    Wow Chinelo, thank you so much I really appreciate your comment, she will hear..The country hard no be small hahaha. Thanks for stopping by.

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