Detailed Process of Moving to The UK Through The Study Route

Are you thinking of moving to the UK via the study route? Now just sit down, relax and enjoy this post. Here is a detailed step-by-step process to making your dream a reality.

1. Search for Your desired school & course of your choice, please consider your budget and Check the Course Modules.

2. Get your documents together(International passport, certificates, transcripts, recommendation letters, CV, SOP etc)


3. Put in your Application(s) to different schools available in the UK, please check out for those ones with good payment plan and go for them.


4.Get all your documents right and get your unconditional offer from the school


5. Accept the offer and pay your tuition deposit/full Fees to be on the safe side, please pay up to half or full tuition fees so that you won’t be overwhelmed when you travel.

6. Get your CAS (confirmation of acceptance for studies) from the school and proceed to getting your visa.


7. Book your tuberculosis test at IOM(Lagos/Abuja).


8. Pay for your IHS (immigration health surcharge) for you and your dependants if any.


9. Apply for your student visa. (Standard is the only available option now as priority and super priority have been suspended)


10. Check for Flights, Book your ticket and search for accommodation online.

(Spare room, Zoopla, On the market, Facebook marketplace)

If you’re unable to get one before landing, you will likely stay in a hotel or Airbnb


11. Pack your Bags and Welcome yourself to a new dispensation.. Congratulations ?


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