Lemons the new method to keep your face shining and flawless!

According to Wikipedia, lemon (Citrus × limon) is a species of small evergreen tree native to Asia.
The tree’s ellipsoidal yellow fruit is used for culinary and non-culinary purposes throughout the world, primarily for its juice, which has both culinary and cleaning uses .

The pulp and rind (zest) are also used in cooking and baking. The juice of the lemon is about 5% to 6% citric acid, which gives a sour taste. The distinctive sour taste of lemon juice makes it a key ingredient in drinks and foods such as lemonade and lemon meringue pie.

They are two types of lemon you can always find in the store or in your local market which is the organic lemon which is normally yellow outside and then the local or green lemon which is normally found in Africa as pictured below.

Lemon is very good for cooking, baking and also cleansing our body, a good source of vitaminC which is never harmful to the body, it has about 5 to 6 percent of citric acid so it is safe to use and can never harm your skin or face.

Here is the little secret if you really want your face to be very smooth and flawless.

Get a lemon cut into two halves and then take one half and rub on your face for about 30minuites,squeezing out the juice for maximum effect,

After applying it wait for about 15minuites before washing it off with warm water, remember, do not apply on your face if you have a wound or scare there because it will cause you more pain and also if you have a dry skin try applying coconut oil for dark skinned people and carrot oil for fair skinned 
people immediately after washing it out to avoid breakouts.
But if you have an oily skin, you might not need to apply any oil afterwards just dry your face with clean face towel and you are good to go.

Do this at least twice a week then come back and let me know how it all went, don’t forget to snap before and after pictures and send it across to us.

We would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful night rest ,

Goodnight fam!

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