Tomatoes the new gold in Town!!!

Hello my beautiful people, sorry the update is coming late again! Lol, my kids are on mid-term break through Monday and Tuesday to resume back on Wednesday.So I’ve been very busy, no help,no nanny, so no rest here at all, please my apologies!

Ehen so back to the matter, so yesterday after church service, while coming back hubby asked me to get fresh tomatoes for jollof rice, even with the alarming increase in price, I pleaded with him to use the leftover stew to prepare the jollof rice since that was what he wanted but he said NO!

So that’s how I branched into the market, scanned through from the first to the last person selling tomatoes but I couldn’t find any reasonable and fresh one, then I entered the market and saw these beautiful fresh tomatoes and priced it guess how much? Can you guess???

 I bought this 6 heads of tomatoes for #500, Yes! you heard me right,I taught it was a joke sef, hehe but the sellers kept on pleading and complaining on how everything has increased tremendously, On a normal day I buy a full paint bucket of tomatoes  for #500 but the reverse is the case.

A basket now sells for #30,000 and above  against the normal price of  #3,000 to #15,000 depending on the size and specie.
But against all odds we shall survice, on the other news, my jollof rice turned out great and it was a beautiful weekend,I totally forgot to take pictures was so hungry, next time I will not forget to do so at all…Lol
Have a beautiful week ahead beauties!


Tessy Onyia

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