Beautiful people, yay am back again o , so I have a very important issue story to gist you all o .
Earlier this month, my children Michelle (5years) and Collins (4years) respectively got back from school and said to me mummy our teacher told us today in school that we should not beg, take or give
anything to anyone, when they said that my mind went gidim, gidim, seriously?
I was a bit surprised o not because of how she said it, oh but I read another meaning into it.

I was very busy at that moment so I decided to let it go and just told them OK good and they went inside to change but I was still a bit worried.

So after doing my usual house chores and bathing them, I started thinking, and I was like what is the meaning of don’t beg, don’t take and don’t give? ehen what are these teachers trying to teach my children o haa . Later I slept off and forgot about it.

Two days later I heard my son Divine (2years old) crying  seriously and coming to meet me while I was in the kitchen cooking my life out, Lol hey! I was like Divine what is it again?

He said Collins doesn’t want to give me his biscuit and I quickly called Collins and he met me in the kitchen and said BUT Mum! my teacher said don’t beg, don’t take and don’t give! ahaaa, see gobe oo, I pleaded with him to share with his brother and told him never to say those words again especially don’t GIVE!

I know their teachers mean well by teaching them how to be responsible children but to me, I feel that,that part DONT GIVE shouldn’t be included, I love giving a lot and it’s so healthy giving out to the needy, why teaching them how to be selfish at this tender age? I quietly corrected the three of them and told them yes don’t take anything from anybody at all, but if you have anything and a friend or a brother/sister needs it kindly give it to him or her.

If you don’t give, you are not a child of God! you needed to see their reaction they screamed WOW! and I said Yes for real if you fail to give things to the needy if need be you are a child of the devil and they screamed No mum, and that was how we settled it for the day, and since that day it, they’ve never said don’t give again..

We really need to be careful what we tell these children nowadays, they are so smart, they might view it wrongly and also use it wrongly thereby causing more harm than good. Please, mamas in the house am I right?

I rest my case!

Thanks for all the emails, calls, text messages and comments , I love you all mmuah…
Keep being you and never ever settle for less, have a wonderful night rest lovelies…

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    April 21, 2017 at 10:09 pm

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