How should a man talk to his wife in public?

Hello fam! happy Sunday y’all.. hope you guys are enjoying the weather hmm as for me am loving it..
So I have a very interesting gist for you guys today, just get your drink and popcorn beside you..Lol
Last week Thursday, I went to the bank{name of bank withheld} just opposite my house to pick up my atm card and also do some transactions when this couple came in..hehe
The lady came with her husband to edit her profile at the bank as a new couple, you all know that as a lady as soon as you get married, she is meant to change her profile names in places where she has had her maiden name to change them all to her husband’s name so that all the documents will tally avoid issues in future.
So when they came in, they presented their wedding certificate{photocopy} and the lady at the customer service unit of the bank rejected it and asked her to go and get the original certificate so that she could sight it before collecting the photocopy of the document, that’s what all the banks do now, they are been asked to do so by the CBN according to them,  some months back when I updated mine in some banks I did same too.
So when the lady tried explaining the man screamed at her there and then that she should just shut up and sit down, woman we are trying to sort things out and you are here complaining after all its for your own good I just want to settle this thing so that you can go back to your base, Oh my ! was I shocked??? Yes ke I was so shocked and ashamed, to think that this marriage is just a month old and things are like this already? Its well..
So the man turned back to the customer service lady and was pleading with her to help them sort things out as soon as possible and his wife tried talking again and the man did same,They had to plead with the man to take things easy with her after all she hasnt said or done anything stupid  that moment, my head was popping, I wanted to tell the man to take it easy now but hey I said to myself what is my business after all? I must tell you the lady was so embarassed, and I really felt for her.
Like seriously some men should just take a chill pill and caution themselves when they are outside with their wife, talking to your wife rudely outside doesn’t make you the boss, it doesn’t make you look responsible for real instead it turns people off from you.What about your wife, do you ever put her feelings into consideration while your are there forming boss and talking to her like a kid? Some men should actually see their wife as their life partner rather than a s3x object.
ThankGod for the kind of husband I married, he hardly talks when we go out, instead he will just be giving me sign, I will be the one telling him to talk now that infact I  cant undrstand your sign language lol.
Have a faboulouse week ahead beautiful people.


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