Living healthy is good for us to keep our body healthy and fit, we must learn to eat and drink healthy.
what do I mean by eating healthy? Incorporating in balanced diet including fruits, vegetables and lots of water in what we consume.

It is said that water it’s a substance which is colorless, tasteless and odorless. So, for you to kick start your day, it is very important to start it the early morning water therapy because it helps detoxify your body system for the new day.

We really don’t have an option but to stay healthy and alive because health is indeed wealth.

How is this therapy done? I know you are itching to know about it ,it’s very simple.

Take a glass or two of water immediately you get out of bed in the morning that way if you are even constipated it will help your bowel movement to be easy.

Some of us when eating, we take a bottle of soft drink and place on our tables,that’s not right nothing can ever replace water, instead of the drink use water, the drink is sugar and daily consumption of those drinks could be harmful to our system.

Veggies and fruits also helps the body in every aspect, they provide vitamins and minerals that help the body to function properly. It’s better to eat them before any meal, they are called starters, say like 30 minutes to one hour before your meal, that way your system wouldn’t get messed up, like your tummy been bloated.

The last and very important aspect of keeping healthy and fit is exercising, exercising your body daily should be your normal duty even if it’s just taking a 30 minutes work, running jogging and then any other form of exercise you can carry out you got to move those joints make them flexible, so that your blood will keep circulating properly ,that way you wouldn’t have any body pains or even high blood pressure which is normally caused by accumulated fat due to lack of exercise.

For those that eat too much food at a go, please It’s advisable to eat in portions or if you prefer rather than eating large quantity at once that will only make you fat and always sleepy because our body system just utilizes a little of what you have eaten and the rest will turn to waste then you will go fill up your loo.

Then, your breakfast should be a must! its advisable to eat like a KING in the morning, eat well, then for lunch you can snack on anything but make sure you eat your dinner not later than 6pm, when you do so and you are kind of hungry later in at night, I would also advise you eat fruits before going to bed, rather than eating another food.
Hope this little advice of mine has educated someone out there.

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Have a wonderful week ahead guys.

Lots of love 

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