Hello my beautiful people, how are you all doing? how has your day been? mine is really going on well as planned, I thank God for the gift of life, so splendid oh yes! you heard me right . So back to the gist, make sure you relax and read this post to the end.Thank you 

My love for Blogging didn’t start today oh as you can see hehe, when I started blogging it wasn’t funny at all. I got the knowledge of blogging on Facebook and took action almost immediately even with my big belle , you can read the post HERE. I never knew anything, I literally paid people I met on nairaland to help me fix my blog then with all the rickety work they did I was very happy that at least I owned a blog I could write about my life to the world. 

But now am a new person as you can see it on my banner up there , I did all the designs you see on this blog myself…Yes, am proud of myself o , it took me years to learn all I know today, big ups to my hubby and some good friends that also stood by me.

While we were still hustling those days to be like Linda Ikeji haha , I went on nairaland and found out that about their  webmasters section, where we bloggers could learn everything about website/ blog designs and every other topic related to the internet, from there I dropped my number  to join a Whats App group and boom ..I was added to the group and I was the only lady there, I was also doing good at then.

I met a lot of good friends there and there was this particular friend of mine that was a movie blogger we got to know each other in the group and we shared ideas together. Later on the guy left the group because of his job he had no time to always be online chatting about blog because of his workload at the office, but for me, I continued because I knew I was going somewhere with this blogging of a thing, so eventually we lost contact because my phone had a screen issue.

So on Monday morning, I went to Stanbic IBTC (Bank Branch name withheld) to open an account, because I wanted to use the account for shopping online, Oh Yes you heard me right but that’s a gist for another day  , a lot of my friends have told me that their rates are very cheap for buying online compared to other banks, so I decided to give it a try.

I got inside and the whole place was so calm and neat, the security man quickly welcomed me and asked me what I wanted to do, I told him I that I came to open an account with them and he smiled and asked me to sit down while I waited, that someone will come and attend to me soon.

After some minutes, he came out and told me the person will soon be with me, I sat down calmly while watching the banks advertorial on the Tv set just opposite me and I really loved it.

After about 5 minutes a gentleman came out and asked me what I wanted to do and I explained to him and he assured me that his bank was up to the task, I quickly chat up a friend of mine that recommended the bank to me he also assured me to go ahead and I told him I needed the account opening form immediately.

He brought the form to my surprise, he asked me to tell him the necessary information required while he filled the form himself  and I was like hmm this is nice, I crossed my legs while I relish the sweet taste of tom-tom in my mouth 

We finished filling the form and he assured me he would get to work and open the account as soon as he could just because I needed it urgently, so he left and came back I was still sitting there replying to a message on my phone and he came back and asked for my number, then I asked him to call his number so that I could flash him since his phone was inside, so he did and then made way inside to pick up his phone, next thing, I saw him rushing back towards me calling me Tessy! Tessy!!, ahn ahn I was shocked I turned back  and answered, he said he saved my number on his phone with Tessy Bloggers, that am I the Tessy in the bloggers group?
I said Yes! He told me his name and I screamed!

It was indeed a shocking moment, I never believed it, to think that we sat together talking and we never knew we were online friends…Chaiiii this social media will not kill sombori o 

I was very happy I met an online friend and he was such a good customer service rep!

Kudos to Stanbic IBTC and kudos to Social media.

Have you ever met any of your online friends in real life? and what was your reaction? I would love to read your comments on the comment section below.

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Lots of love 

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