3 Reasons Why Clothing Designers Need Samples

Being a clothing designer can be an exciting job but one that takes a great deal of time, effort, and perseverance. Becoming a world-renowned clothing designer does not hapworld-renowned Many designers will have sample sales after a period of time to liquidate all of the extra garments that they having in their storage rooms. If you have never heard of a sample, it is a garment that is created from a designers illustration.

The manufacturer, such as The Evans Group will create the design sample and send it to the designer to look it over before they create a mass order. This article will provide information to help you better understand the reasons for why clothing designers need samples of their work before placing a massive order that will then be distributed to various suppliers all over the world.

  1. Credibility. When you are in search of a manufacturer to produce a product or an entire line of garments, it is important that you order samples before making a commitment to a supplier. It is smart to pay for your samples as this will help you to establish credibility within the industry. The manufacturer or supplier will be more willing to do business with you if you are willing to pay for the samples. This will also ensure that you are invested in the project and don’t plan to abandon it leaving the manufacturer at a loss after creating your samples.
  2. Paying for your sample gives you ownership. When you pay for a sample, it will give you ownership of the entire process. This means that if you get as ample and you find that you want to make revisions to it, you can dos o without much of a hassle. Before you have a sample done, however, make sure that you have agreed to certain terms with the manufacturer. Be sure to ask about revision requests and the costs associated with it. Some manufacturers may charge you additional to make changes after a sample has been made, whereas others may not. In addition, if you do not pay for the samples, you don’t technically own them. This means that the supplier could go and sell your designs and patterns to others or make your designs and sell them to another merchant. Owning your designs, patterns, and samples are very important if you want to be unique and stand out.
  3. Good fabric prices. When you work on your own, it will be hard to find resources that will assist you in creating a name brand that is not only recognizable in the homes of millions, but also in finding quality materials to help make your garments. When you work with a sample supplier, you can be sure to find fabric and other textiles at a great wholesale price. If the supplier is unable to help you in acquiring great textiles at a decent rate, they may be able to direct you towards resources that will provide great prices for bulk materials.

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