4 Tips to Living Life Like a Superhero

One of the best gifts to get your kid is his favourite superhero costume. Kids nowadays are fixated on the modern mythology that is superheroes and comic books and their ideas: fighting crime, saving lives and making a comfortable world for all of us.

As an adult, you realize that you do have it within you to become a superhero. Obviously, you aren’t able to fly, regenerate your limbs or glow claws – but you can make someone’s life all the better.

We have it within us to be a superhero to somebody, even without owning the spandex to go along.

Here are 4 tips to living life like a superhero.

1. Use the things in your possession to help others without them

Since you’ve made it this far, you indeed desire to be a superhero. Assisting others using things that we possess is the most vital step. It’s the foundation of superheroism.

Batman used his vast wealth to keep Gotham safe. Spiderman utilizes his staggering web-slinging techniques to keep the citizens of the Big Apple safe. The Green Lantern’s cosmic powers help him save several universes each day.

Muse over what you can give others what no man can.

It doesn’t have to get complicated; you can offer your time, support, gift or mentorship. At times the most innocuous online message can turn a bad day into a great one.

2. Keep yourself healthy  

A superhero needs to take care of his body. Unless you can mutate into Lou Ferrigno like Bruce Banner when you pour table salt, we strongly recommend that you care for your body.

Take a proactive approach to keeping in good shape and assisting people becomes second nature.

A healthy body equals a healthy mind thereby increases your energy levels and clarity of thought to take-on any challenge and obstacles that come your way.

Should the opportunity to wear spandex ever arise; you’ll pull-off a bad-ass look. You need not have the mid-region of Wonder Woman or look like Thor. However, investing in running shoes and a gym membership makes all the difference between making or not making a save.

3. Never do good for the praise

Superheroes wear masks to protect themselves and the people in their circle. Superheroes never seek glory or fame for their acts. They get up, save people and shrug off it ever happened.

Batman never waits around for press interviews. Spiderman swings typically off far into the distance before anyone mutters a ‘thank you.’

We all love Spiderman; to New Yorkers, however, Peter Parker is another orphan residing in a one –person studio. For the one behind the mask, nothing gives him a sense of satisfaction than saving the world.

4. Wear superhero shirts

Nothing gives a psychological boost like wearing your favourite superheroes shirt. We tend to align our values with those of our beloved hero to strengthen our resolve even in the most desperate times.

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