5 Things to Look For in The Best Sewing Machine of 2018

Sewing is a favourite hobby for many. It is a skill and an art that many take for granted as much of the sewing of garments and other items are no longer done at home, but abroad in factories full of workers. While the times have changed and most people do not sew their own clothing at home any longer, sewing is still a hobby and a skill that many strive to learn.

Whether you are a novice or an accomplished sewer, this article will highlight some things that you should consider looking for in a new sewing machine. In addition to the highlighted features in this article, you can also read some helpful reviews on sosewreviews.com that will go more in-depth on specific sewing machine models.

  • Free arm. If you plan on sewing garments of all shapes and sizes, a free arm is nice to have. A free arm will give you the ability to sew without much of a hassle. This feature is convenient and is nice to have.
  • Top loading bobbin. Having a top loading bobbin with a clear covering is very helpful for the mere fact that it allows you to see how low your thread level is getting. This is great because it can be frustrating when you are in the middle of sewing and your bobbin goes empty. By being able to see your thread level at any given time, you can plan ahead for when you will refill your bobbin.
  • Needle Threader. A built-in needle threader can save you a great deal of time and frustration. Even if you are young with great eyes and a steady hand, threading your sewing machine every time you want to use it can become cumbersome. If this is a concern for you, consider buying a machine that has a built-in needle threader so you can spend more time sewing and less time preparing your machine to sew.
  • Stitching options. While you may not need hundreds of stitching options on your sewing machine, it is a nice feature to have a variety to choose from. Stitching options can come in handy when you want to sew buttons or you want to create a unique stitching design on a garment.
  • LCD Display. Sometimes your sewing machine may experience a malfunction. This can happen if your needle breaks or if you are trying to sew something that is too thick for the current setting you have your machine on. When a malfunction happens, your machine should beep or alert you in some way. It is helpful to have an LCD screen that highlights what the error is so that you do not have to search around blindly to figure out the problem. While the display may just show you a code, you can easily look up the code in the user’s manual or search for it on Google. You can then remedy the problem and get back to sewing without too much of a delay.



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