Five Things to Take Care of After a C-section to Ensure Fast Recovery

Your doctor will definitely give you a list of dos and don’ts to follow post a C-section. An abdominal surgery needs more care and attention post delivery. Ignorance can harm and delay the healing process. However, there are certain things that you might do unmindfully that could lead to a medical condition and delay the healing process. So here are the things you should avoid to help your body heal faster after a c-section.

Avoid constipation: The reason is obvious, any pressure on the abdomen while passing motion could be painful and affect the scar. Severe constipation could also lead to an abdominal tear and internal infection which would be an added trouble post delivery. To avoid this problem ensure that you eat a balanced diet (with the right amount of fibre) and drink adequate water, as these two steps can save you from the clutches of constipation. If diet changes don’t help ask your doctor for laxatives that can help with the clearing of the bowel and relieve you from your constipation.

Avoid a cough and cold: Coughing and sneezing can again put pressure on your scar, and if it goes on for a while it can only make it worse for the weak abdominal muscles to get strong soon and heal the scar. A reason why most women post c-section keep their ears covered with a scarf and wear socks to avoid getting a cold bug. Remember, immunity post the delivery is still low and getting a cold is too common.

Avoid wearing maternity bands: While this might look like a fabulous idea to you to help your belly get back to its pre-pregnancy shape, but post c-section maternity bands can do you severe damage. I was advised by my doctor post c-section to not wear the band as it can increase your risk of suffering from a hernia and the last thing you would want is another abdominal problem post a major surgery like c-section. Read to know if maternity help to reduce belly fat.

Avoid abdominal exercises: This is like a no-brainer and while exercise post a c-section can help gain strength and escalate recovery but pressure on the abdomen can lead to problems like pain, twitching and delayed healing. While cardio exercises can help burn calories and tone your body, abdominal exercises should be avoided till six weeks or till the doctor advises you to do so. Here are five exercises that you should avoid after a c-section.

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