Having a successful blog is not an easy one to build though it can be simple and straightforward, but there are some things you can do for your blog, right now, that will help your blog grow and keep people coming back over and over again.

When I first started blogging I was clueless like I said it in my previous post HERE , I had no vision I was just clueless, all I do then was just to copy and paste and then waiting for visitors that never showed up. I had no idea what to do or how to do it. I’ve found through the years, that every successful blog needs a few things to ensure people keep coming back. And it’s easier said than done.

Here are the 10 Things Every Blog Should have To Be Successful:

1. A Clean Design

What I mean by “clean” is by using a good template that suits your blog, that I can access and find what I need easily. I can read it, I can share it, and I can easily navigate on your blog, not considering the platform you are using whether you’re on Blogger or WordPress etc I need to clearly understand where I can go to find more about you, read your posts, and follow you.
I hope you like my template? winks***

2. Easy To Follow Links

You need to include your social media follower buttons, if your template doesn’t have it, kindly google and get free ones from google a lot are there to suit your need. If I don’t see the ways to follow you, I’m not going to do it. Think about how you want people to follow you: what’s the most important ways for people to follow you? That should be SUPER easy to see. I want people to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin that’s why you see the icons at the top and at the right sidebar.

3. Interesting Content

As the saying goes Content is KING! Like I was telling someone over the weekend, your blog is nice but after coming here I don’t think I will come back again, why because the content is poor.
It’s better for you to post less and post awesome content, then to post more that’s just well, not going anywhere. Before you hit the publish button ask yourself, would I want to read this? Take it a step further…: Would I want to share this? If the answer is no, then work on your content.

4. Know Your Audience And  Write Posts That Interests Them

Your readers are the main reason you are blogging, if you don’t have anybody to ready and enjoy your blog then whats the need you own a blog then?. Your readers are your biggest fans! So try writing what they would like to hear from you. Still don’t know? ASK THEM!

5. Contact Page

How can I we reach out to you? Contact you for business inquiries or any other issue if there isn’t a contact us form or an email on the blog for contact then you need it. I had that similar issue when I started, a client wanted to contact me and I changed my template of my blog while I was still working on it when I was done editing the template, I forgot to drop my contact form page, the client had to post it on the comment section and I thanked him for reminding me because I had forgotten.
So you need to have your email and/or social follow links on your blog.

6. Search Box

If I’m new to your blog or I’m just looking for an old post you wrote I might want to search for something specific on your blog. Make it super easy for me to search and find what I mean. As you can see it by the right- hand sidebar .

7. Title That Grabs Attention

If your headline or post title sucks, people won’t click on your post, no matter how great the post is.

8. About Me Page

Yes! tell us about yourself. We need to know more of you not just your blog or write up.Preferably, it should have a picture and give a little bit more in-depth on what your blog and life are all about.People are nosy, tell us more!!

9. An Image

You need an image in your post that’s clear and pretty and also fits the width of your blog.

10. Tell Me What To Do Next!

Okay, so I just read this great post, what should I do next? You can encourage your readers to follow you, share this, or direct them to another post. I HIGHLY recommend linking to another post. (Also this increases your page views immensely!)

I hope you enjoyed the post? if you did enjoy it,  kindly share to your friends and tell them to always visit TOB, a lot of freebies awaits you all

I love you all and if you have any story you will love to share with us kindly send me a mail  and I will gladly publish it for you

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